EOM-100 Documentation

SETUP- Plug in the cash drawer cable into your receipt printer for automatic opening.

EOM-200 Documentation

Please select the correct version. WHICH VERSION DO I HAVE?

EOM-375 Documentation

SETUP- Simply plug in the base into a USB port on your computer, and it should be ready to scan. The instruction manual is only for advanced users, to change certain settings. (the barcodes in the manual will not generate any text on your computer. it just changes the internal settings.) If your scanner is not working correctly: Place scanner is bace and hold the pair button until it beeps, or scan the "RESET TO DEFUALTS" barcode.

EOM-530B Documentation

EOM-730B Documentation

EOM-BT-100U Documentation

For windows 11, CLICK HERE
To install, first, unzip the download, then:
1- Go to device manager
2- Expand the Ports tab
3- Right click the prolific device
4- Click update driver
5- Select browse
6- Click have disk
7- Browse to the INF file in the download
8- Once installed, you should see a Com port number in the ports tab